Truth. (s)he & I. #loveandmisadventure

Time lapse of storm clouds.
Minimum effort Saturday. Good music. Great read. Good wine. Good company. Good meat #loveandmisadventure #poeticquotes #jheneaiko #porcupine #braaimeat #outdoors #springchilling #springloving #happy (at The Crib)

Jimi Hendrix Collage.
"A woman is not written in braille, you don’t have to touch her to know her."



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"How amazing it is to find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go on in your head."

- Nina LaCour, Hold Still (via psych-facts)

My corporate pre-heritage. I’m South African but I’mma celebrate my fellow African’s culture. #proudlysouthafrican #nationalheritageday #notbraaiday #corporatedashiki #dashikisndsuit #whiteconverse A country that has 11 official languages should celebrate its diversity and heritage NOT fucking call it “Braai Day” #gtfohwtbs

With her,

I didn’t know the difference

between walking & falling.


I’ll keep my feet on the ground.

And walk on with memories

Evening read. Our dead behind us - Audrey Lorde. To the poet who happens to be black and the black poet who happens to be a woman. #foodforthesoul #poetry #re-livingstories
"The light turns red
I stop
Your blinds are open
My eyes close
You are gone
The scars you left
My only keepsake
If I could give more
You would just take
But like your apartment
I am empty and bare
A bare soul
A soul bared
Not just an empty room

So many tears
I gave you
So many fears
I fought for you
So many sleepless nights
I woke up, without you
So many fights
Just to lose you

So much lost
It’s just an illusion
What does my heart do
With all this confusion

I walk through the rooms of your empty house
Touching the memories you left behind
I am haunted
You packed up your possessions
And left ghosts behind
Your heart is so hard
My heart is so kind
Whatever I’d give you
You’d break
Whatever you want
You just take

You just take

I sit in the corner
Where your bed used to be
I can still see you
But you will never see me

You never did see me

You just took what you needed
No more please
I pleaded

In this emptiness, I sit
Pain, pain, pain
Like my favourite song
Choking up I sing along

The light changes green
And I speed off
Away from your window
To a new destination
This time I drive away
Without hesitation

No more lingering
Like the ghost you will never see
It is time to set myself free

A daily reminder I will no longer see
It’s just an empty house
Where you used to be

You used to be"

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images by seb janiak, which he creates by layering several photos on top of each other. (see also: previous cloud posts)










this just tripped me the fuck out and im sober as shit right now 0_0

this is how everything looks on acid, i swear

That acid alright

this is such a good visual representation. i cant stop staring

Ohh gosh, haven’t tripped in a while and this makes me want to take like 5 tabs to the tongue right now!

You can see the energy pulsating through the universe..

Spot on


We suffer because of our attachment to things. By letting them go we realize that we have lost nothing except our attachment.